Wow. I knew it had been quite a while since I’d posted on here, but didn’t realize it had been 6 weeks! Yikes. I am happy to say that I’ve got some products releasing in my shop tomorrow and am finally starting to get back into the swing of things. My oldest started his first day of Kindergarten on Tuesday (tear…sniffle…) and goes full time beginning on Monday, so I’ll be able to get into a good routine again once he’s at school all day. It’s been a super fun 6 weeks since we moved though. We’re totally settled into our new house and absolutely love it as well as the neighborhood. We’ve been spending almost every day at the swim club that’s right around the corner, and my boys can’t seem to get enough of it. Considering it’s pushing 100 degrees every day, I’m pretty happy we have the swim club so close, too.

We’ve got an End of Summer sale beginning at After Five tomorrow through the weekend. Yay! Now is a great time to stock up if you’ve had your eye on something. I’ll be posting all of the details tomorrow 🙂 Hope you’ve all been having a great summer! I’ve so enjoyed my time off, but have been seriously itching for my creative outlet again, too!